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All pretty maids with patience wait  (2016)

An experimental video using the found footage of Muriel Orr-Ewing:

16mm Kodachrome film of Balloon Day, spring 1962. Featuring a Cornish folksong arranged by British composer Gustav Holst one hundred

years ago:


With straw I'll weave a garland, I'll weave it very fine
With roses, lilies, daisies, I'll mix the eglantine;
And I'll present it to my love
when he returns from sea
I love my love because I know
my love loves me!


All pretty maids with

patience wait


C.Tennant  (2016, 03:30min) 

Original 16mm kodachrome,

Murriel Orr-Ewing1962

Six Choral Folksongs, Op. 36 by Gustav Holst (1916)

performed by the Great Rivers

Choral Society (

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