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Meiko and the Grove (Working Title)


A work in progress, an experimental documentary that examines archives, orphaned films, and the life of Muriel Orr-Ewing.

Meiko and the Grove uses the home movies of Orr-Ewing (1900-1994), also known as Meiko. The collection of two dozen 16mm films were shot and edited during the late 1950s and 60s, when Meiko ran The Grove, a finishing school for young women in a village south east of London. In 2015 I digitized a selection of films at Eastman Kodak, and to date I have created three short films using the newly accessed footage, including Deportment  (2016, 3min) Egypt/Jordan (2016, 18min), and Eat Your Heart Out (2016, 5min). These shorts provide a beginning, and serve as the basis for a "proof of concept" for the larger archival project.

Deportment (16mm to digital video still)


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