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Intensity Priority (2005)


Made during an artist residency at the Experimental Television Center, Intensity Priority is the result of a collaborative documentaiton project with video tool designer and engineer Dave Jones, during which he demonstrated his Jones Colorizer. The video output of this demonstration was later performed as a graphic score by The Open Music Ensemble during Eyes and Ears: Sound Needs Image (co-curated by Joanna Raczynska and Will Redman for the Carnegie Art Center in 2005) and was later featured on a DVD of the same name and released by Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in 2006. The Jones Colorizer demonstration video was featured in Experimental Television Center: Early Media Instruments, a DVD boxset produced by the Video History Project and is distributed by Signal Culture.


Attrium Gallery, Gwen Frostic School of Art, 
Western Michigan University, 2009


Reinberger Galleries,

Cleveland Institute of Art, 2007


Carnegie Art Center, 2006


Intensity Priority

(Digital Video)


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