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Medium (Between Traveler and Monument)  (2018)

Part of the series Medium (Between Traveler and Monument), this augmented reality work is based on a still derived from films originally produced by Muriel Orr Ewing (1900-1994) taken during a trip up the Nile in 1964. Among many other monuments, she visited Abu Simbel, the 13th-century BC monument erected by Ramesesse II. The large scale print was created through digital excavation of an image that appears in a tape splice which linked two separate film sequences together. The print triggers a video that uses the slit scan technique: a process wherein a selection from a source frame--a slit of pixels--is sequentially placed in a display frame. The slit scan research has been conducted at RPI’s CRAIVE (Collaborative-Research Augmented Immersive Virtual Environment) Laboratory, a project in collaboration with J.T. Rinker, PhD.

Ab Simbel



(2018, digital print, 40"X60") 

Stills taken from original 16mm kodachrome by Murriel Orr-Ewing1962

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