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Selected Writings 



Afterimage: Journal of Media Art and Culture

Occuping the Collection, 
(Review of VIDEOSPHERE: A New Generation at 
Albright Knox Art Gallery, 

Buffalo NY, July 1-Oct. 9 2011)


Wish You Were Here: Buffalo's Avant-garde in the 1970s
         Hallwalls: Making places out of other people's stories

(Albright Knox Art Gallery, Curated by Heather Pesanti, 2012)


Beyond/In Western New York

Selections from writings contributed to the catalog for this regional biennial.


Beyond/In Western New York 2007


Jeremy Bailey/Dorothea Braemer/Michael SnowStephanie Rothenberg

 (Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center)


Alternating Currents - Beyond/In Western New York 2010


Barbara Lattanzi/Rodney Taylor/Kurt Von Voetsch/Elinor Whidden

(with Sandra Firmin, co-author, for University at Buffalo Anderson Gallery) 


Lorraine O'Grady 

(For UB Anderson Gallery)












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